Spring time BBQ’s – This is Living (just bring the fire extinguisher!)

It doesn’t get much better than this. I love spring in the country, that golden late afternoon sun bathing the gorgeous natural surrounds in rich colour, the greens greener, the yellows and oranges of the sandstone cliff faces turning gold then a svelte pink-orange. The warm(er) days and cool evenings. The open expanses soothing the soul. I don’t really have the words to do it justice. But here’s a pic (which doesn’t really do it justice either)

After a night by the campfire with bellies full of kangaroo curry and red wine at our block our good neighbours Ro and Mon invited us to their place for a BBQ the following evening.

Well Ro and Mon have one hell of a BBQ! An ex gas BBQ converted to a wood fired unit courtesy of a cut down hot water system tank used as a fire box.

Ro doesn’t do anything by halves, and before long he really had it cranking, perhaps a little too cranking… the radiant heat from the firebox set the stringy bark surround he built on fire! LOL. In the pic below you can see the firebox glowing and the stringy bark surround in flames.

And just to rub it in Ro, here’s another one…


Once we extinguished the flames we enjoyed some great BBQ’d chicken. Thanks for the invite and great company guys, next time I’ll be sure to bring a spare fire extinguisher with me 😉


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