Photography at 500px

Check out my photos at 500px!

Twisted Swamp

Pretty much exactly a year ago I finally replaced my original DSLR that was ruined after I left it in the rain after only having had it for about six months. There were about four long years between ruining my original, and long dreamed of, DSLR and finally holding the replacement.


Of course there was that initial flurry of excitement, taking the camera everywhere and snapping shots of everything and everyone and, well, probably driving my family nuts with all the paparazzi treatment they were getting! Then came the (inevitable?) lull. Life gets busy and real stuff takes priority.

Flower Hopping

After several months of not touching the camera much at all I recently got motivated to really get back into this photography thing (along with starting a ninerocks youtube channel). I had set up a Flikr account a while back, but was keen to explore the alternatives.

I pretty quickly came upon 500px. Wow. Not only is there some really awesome photography (much to inspire me and for me to aspire to) at 500px but it’s easy to use and shows off your content nicely. Your fellow users are also very active and the”fresh” and “upcoming” features get your shots out there for others to see (and hopefully “like”).

Baby’s got Blue Eyes

There’s also the ability to license your photographs via the 500px Marketplace and perhaps make a little money. Now I’m not counting on generating any income from my photographs, but hey, It can’t hurt to have them out there!

If you’re into photography, either professionally or as a hobby, I definitely recommend you check out 500px.




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