Water tanks and box trailers = awesome

Water tanks and box trailers don’t mix, not when the water tank is a rather large (and heavy) 25,000L unit.

We bought the water tank a couple of years ago but at the time the “driveway” into the property was not suitable for the delivery truck so we had it dropped off on the road-side. I re-discovered some photos the other day of our valiant attempts to move it into place on the block, over 1km away, using nothing more than a box trailer, some planks of timber and some rope… country ingenuity!

We got it on without too much fuss, looking good…

Yeah mate, I reckon that will be fine… so long as the cops don’t happen along…


Or maybe not…


C’mon Ash, PUSH mate!


Despite all the fun we did get it there eventually!

Now to just finish the cabin and plumb it up…

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