Gone Bush (For Good)

So, yes, we finally did it!

We’ve moved from town and onto the bush block. It didn’t happen the way I had imagined it, you know, the packing and planning and trips back and forth and all that stressful stuff. We simply came out to spend our Christmas break here and never went back.

I think I like that it happened that way, otherwise who knows if we’d have ever felt ready for the Big Move.

Suffice to say, there is still a lot to do here, but here’s hoping being on site will help with speeding up the building process (it sure can’t hurt). Then once the cabin is done there’s still the house in town to renovate and sell, then the real work starts on building the “proper” house (all 315sqm of it).

So much of the work is still ahead of me, I just hope I can get it all done before they ship me off to the Home for Grumpy Old Men!

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  1. Alex Rogers says:

    Hey Brad, congrats on making the big move! Hope it is working well with you all. Just wanted to say thanks for posting all this up – just read your blog beginning to end as we are looking to buy a similar bit of land and share a love of that Wolgan / Wollemi pagoda country. Some great posts, and I'm in awe of your bush woodworking skills πŸ™‚ Perhaps you'll have less time to post blog entries now that you are off grid, but I hope you do take the time to post up occasionally. Cheers

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks for the kind words Alex! Funny you should comment just now as I've been thinking I really ought to start posting more regularly again, so you've given me some extra motivation to do so πŸ™‚ As for how it's going, well I wont say it's all been easy, but it is definitely worth it. We're almost through our first winter, so hopefully things will start getting easier and more productive from here on in. Cheers!

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