Dodgy Makeshift Bush Antenna Mast Means Internet at NineRocks!

Wanting just a little bit better phone reception and perhaps even a little internet for checking on the news and weather I decided I needed give my yagi some altitude. Not having any masts lying around I made do with an old length of hardwood that hadn’t exactly seasoned straight (it was more like a banana) and a scrap length of metal. The result?

Not pretty, but I now get -107dBm rather than -113dBm – which means one genuine bar and something that kind of resembles internet, sometimes, if you stand just right, and half close one eye and… well lets ust say it’s not yet reliable. I could lift it higher but it’s all pretty dodgy and seems to need the three widely spread fixing points it has so it doesn’t fall over when the dog sneezes.

Next thing to do is to repurpose my old catarmaran mast and some old trampoline tubing as an antenna mast and get some proper height. Just gotta get it out there and find the time to put it all together.

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