Building our Bush Cabin – Part 5 "Bathroom, almost"

Two weeks leave from my job and beautiful spring weather; the perfect recipe for getting some work done on the cabin!

Job one: Kitchen window installed and exterior wall cladded. The one day of rainy weather we had prompted me to complete this unplanned task. Nothing flash but does what it’s designed to – keep the weather out.

Job two: Work on the bathroom. We put down the sub-floor back in December (wow, how time flys!) – see part 4. Now it was time to mill some more hardwood for the wall framing and rafters, install the flooring and build the stud walls and roof. The result:

Although it’s not in the photo above I did also ended up getting the roof completed (sans guttering and plumbing) on the last evening we were there. Big thanks to Rohan for his help on that and to Mon for her company and help with dinner – much enjoyed as usual!

What is still to go? Well a lot! Front and back bathroom walls need framing, need to mill more timber for framing material and also going to try to mill some rustic shiplap/weatherboards to clad the exterior walls in. Then there’s all the finishing inside, like water proofing, tiling, lining the walls, plumbing… Sometimes I wonder “what the hell have I taken on?!” and this is just the bathroom! – I’m betting it’s all worth it though.

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  1. Well impressed Brad, fantastic to be building your own house on your own land from your own home grown timber, in fact that makes it an organic carbon-neutral house. Well if you didn't count all the beer runs into town it would have been carbon-neutral.

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