Widden Brook

Found a bunch of photos on an old hard drive the other day, including some from an overnight hike me and a mate of mine did with our boys back in November 2010. We hiked down into the upper reaches of Widden Brook in Wollemi NP and camped over night under a large sandstone overhang. It was a great walk and the boys loved it. Gotta do it again real soon.

The descent down to Widden Brook starts out as dry sclerophyll forest and onto quite an exposed and steep sandstone hillside that descends a few hundred metres into the valley. As you get closer to the bottom the vegetation becomes much more of wet sclerophyll type, with ferns and vines.


Despite the very warm day the brook itself was beautifully clear and cool, a welcome relief after the hot and tiring descent into the valley.


We walked upstream for a couple of kilometres or so, bear foot in the cool water. Fresh water crayfish scattering away into holes in the stream banks or under rocks as we disturbed them. Down in the valley we were a world away from the hot dry bushland so typical for the area.



Eventually we came to a large cliff face with a decent enough overhang to shelter us from any rainy weather that might come along, plus the valley floor here was covered in a fine sand – a decent spot to throw down our sleeping bags and camp for the night.

The obligatory camp fire with some wild natives we came across



With no mums around to rouse on them for getting too dirty, the boys were totally in their realm!


After dark the lower couple of metres of the cliff face lit up with glow worms, I didn’t get any decent photos as I was just using an old phone to take the pics, but it really was quite magical.

Gotta get back out there with the boys.

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