Campfires, simple pleasures

I just turned 37 and we spent the weekend camping out at our bush block and had some friends over to celebrate. It had been a little while since our last camp out and It was great to be back sitting by the campfire. It’s one of those simple pleasures that I just love. Nothing much beats sitting under the stars with a warm fire blazing, beer or wine in had and good company to chat to. I really am spoilt, being able to enjoy this almost any weekend I like.

Every now and then I have someone ask me why on earth I’d want to live out in the country, “there’s nothing out there, nothing to do” is usually the sentiment. That’s kind of the point (but of course there is plenty out here,  it’s just not made of concrete, and plenty to do, you just don’t need electricity to enjoy it!). I pity those that don’t get out of the concrete jungle and don’t know of the simple pleasures like sitting by a warm fire under the stars.

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