Building Our Bush Cabin – Part 3

After a chilly night in the bus we awaken to a beautiful winters morning.


The cabin will be post and beam construction, so time to find some nice straight trees that are tall and wide enough for our posts. Luckily our hundred acres is pretty much all bushland, although choice trees for posts are not so common, we still managed to find our 6 posts nearby. Mostly Yellow Box with a couple of Stringy Barks thrown in. The four corner posts we cut to about 4m long and the two centre posts a bit over 6m long. Getting them in place was, well, interesting to say the least. It took the 3 of us and a small tractor with a front-end loader attachment quite a while with many scary moments to get the posts in place. Glad the safety police where nowhere to be seen! Here are the results for the end of day 2.


Day 3. Time to start using all that milled timber. First up go the bearers for the second story floor. Although they looked like big intimidating lumps of timber for us to man-handle into place, they actually went up without too much resistance.


Now for the floor joists. Now I must say that although I do enjoy abseiling and rock climbing (the few times I’ve done it) I do tend to suffer a bit of vertigo, so walking around up there with no floor was quite disconcerting! The second story includes a cantilevered  deck that wraps around the front and sides, hence the joists hanging out over the edge in this photo:


Now time to get the ridge beam up. This sucker was quite a bit larger than the 3 second story bearers and it’s lofty position also added to the difficulty in man-handling it into place, but we got there with more ease that I was expecting. Then it was time to throw on the rafters. If I thought I was getting giddy working on the joists then this was going to be fun!

Day three draws to an end and we’ve almost hit our target which was to get all the core structure up. Will we do have most of it up, there are still some joists missing for the decks as well as some permanent bracing still required.

Here are the results of our three day working bee!


Not bad I reckon!

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